Volunteers Recruitment

A unique and distinguished opportunity awaits the ambitious and the dedicated. In fact, it is an opportunity for the unsure too. Here is a prestigious project to work with and for prominent former ISRO scientists. A project, BHAVISHIKA: a space programme for school children is ongoing in its 2nd year. We have a sincere, promising and enthusiastic workforce of volunteers and are looking for more. This programme is a satellite and rocket launch programme of the third of its ilk in the world. The skill set we are looking for are the following subjects-

1. Arduino     2. Physics     3. Chemistry     4. Biology     5. Mathematics     6. Programming     7. Astronomy     8. Robotics     9. Science- in general    

This will provide you with work experience with the country’s most illustrious scientists who provide a handholding guidance for career choices. It will also bring you into young fold of enormous talent to boost your ambitions and motivations.