Science Workshops

The science workshops of Indo Science are a series of sessions for children to make working models of machines,

Robotics Workshops

There was a time when robots were only in science fiction stories. Then they became regular features of our factories.

Science Competitions

One of the first activities of Indo Science was to bring an international science competition to small towns and even rural Maharashtra.

The How and Why? Show

The "How and Why? Show" addresses a large group at a time. Everybody enjoys magic shows.

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Some Words About Our Company

Indo Science has been set up with the aim of bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge in our education system. Also developing scientific, logical thinking and creative thinking skills in youth to cultivate them into tomorrow’s scientist.

  • Science Workshops
  • Robotics Workshops
  • Science Competitions
  • The How and Why? Show
  • Teacher Training Programmes
  • English Language Skills of Rural Students
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Our Training Programs in SCHOOLS

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