Corporate Partnership

At Indo Science Education Trust,

we believe in the power of collaboration to drive meaningful change and make a lasting impact. Through strategic partnerships with esteemed organizations like Cummins India Foundation, Tree Foundation, Maharashtra Arogya Mandal, Lipane Landmarks, and Alacrity Developers, we have been able to expand our reach and enrich our programs.

Our corporate partners play a crucial role in supporting our mission to empower young minds and promote STEM education. Their commitment to education, community development, and innovation aligns perfectly with our vision for a scientifically literate and empowered society.

Through these partnerships, we have been able to implement innovative programs, provide educational resources, and organize impactful events that inspire curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking among students. Together, we have fostered a nurturing environment for young learners, encouraging them to pursue their interests in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our corporate partners for their invaluable support and dedication in making a difference in the lives of countless students. As we continue to work together, we are excited about the endless possibilities that lie ahead, shaping a future where knowledge and innovation thrive.

If your organization shares our passion for empowering young minds and promoting STEM education, we invite you to join hands with us in creating a positive impact on society. Let's collaborate and inspire the next generation of thinkers, dreamers, and leaders. For corporate partnership inquiries, please contact us today. Together, let's empower the future!

Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR)

Invest in India's Future with Lasting Impact

At Indo Science Education Trust, our CSR STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts,and Mathematics) programs offer an exceptional opportunity for corporate partners to invest in the future of India. Our initiatives provide a value-for-investment that not only benefits students but also engages corporate employees in a meaningful and rewarding manner.

Value for Investment:

Low Cost per Student:

Our STEAM programs offer a cost-effective solution to reach a large number of students, maximizing the impact of each rupee invested. Year-Round Engagement: With ongoing engagement throughout the year, our programs provide sustained learning experiences, nurturing students interest and passion for STEAM subjects.

Minimal Annual Maintenance Cost: Our streamlined approach ensures minimal maintenance costs, making it an efficient and sustainable investment for corporate partners. Gateway to Prestigious Competitions: By participating in our programs, students gain the opportunity to advance to renowned competitions like World Robot Olympiad (WRO) and FIRST LEGO League (FLL), showcasing their talent on a global stage.

Employee Engagement:

Engage Employees Regularly:

Corporate employees can actively participate in our initiatives, fostering a sense of purpose and fulfillment in contributing to the community. Teach Coding and STEM with Robotics: Employees can share their expertise by teaching coding and STEM concepts using robotics as an engaging and hands-on teaching tool. Mentorship and Coaching: Employees can mentor and coach students' teams, guiding them to excel in competitions and fostering valuable skills like teamwork and leadership. Special Training Workshops: Our platform offers opportunities for conducting special training workshops aligned with STEM education, empowering employees to share their knowledge and expertise.

World-Class Platform:


Our programs leverage advanced kits, including LEGO MINDSTORMS, a renowned tool for delivering hands-on CS-STEM education. Infinite Creativity: Our modular design empowers students to imagine and build virtually limitless models, encouraging their creativity and problem-solving abilities. High Quality and Scalable: Our platform is built with high-quality, durable, and child-safe materials, ensuring a seamless and scalable learning experience.

Year-Round Support:

Teachers Capacity Building: We provide teachers with capacity-building training facilitated by the Indo Science Foundation (ISF), enhancing their effectiveness in STEAM education delivery.

Quarterly Visits:

Our team conducts quarterly visits to schools, ensuring effective implementation of resources and providing continuous support.

Orientation Workshops:

We organize orientation workshops to enhance support and knowledge, enabling teachers to deliver a comprehensive STEAM curriculum.

Join Us in Building a Brighter Future:

Through our CSR STEAM Programs, corporate partners have the opportunity to invest in a transformative educational journey that equips young minds with the skills they need to excel in a rapidly evolving world. Together, let's empower the next generation of innovators, problem solvers, and leaders to drive India towards a brighter and prosperous future.


Empowering Minds through STEAM Education and Robotics Initiatives
Since 2009, Indo Science Education Trust has been making a significant impact by popularizing STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, AI/Arts & Mathematics) education across India. Through our hands-on Robotics initiatives, we have pioneered the establishment of robotics labs, conducted engaging workshops, organized competitive events, and provided valuable teachers training, all geared towards fostering a culture of innovation and scientific curiosity among students. Our impact reaches far and wide, touching the lives of countless young learners. By integrating STEAM concepts with robotics, we have: Inspired Curiosity:

Our initiatives ignite curiosity among students, encouraging them to explore the fascinating world of science and technology with enthusiasm.

Nurtured Creativity:

Through hands-on activities and workshops, we foster creativity and problem-solving skills, empowering students to think innovatively.

Enhanced Learning:

STEAM education combined with robotics enhances the learning experience, making complex concepts more accessible and engaging.

Empowered Teachers:

Our teachers training programs equip educators with innovative teaching methodologies, enabling them to deliver impactful STEAM education in classrooms.

Fueled Innovation:

Many students have showcased remarkable ingenuity and innovation in our competitive events, driving them to pursue careers in STEM fields.

Broadened Horizons:

Our initiatives expose students to diverse career opportunities, encouraging them to consider careers in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics.

Strengthened Future Workforce:

By nurturing young talent and providing exposure to cutting-edge technologies, we contribute to building a skilled workforce for India's future. The impact of our efforts reverberates throughout the nation, creating a ripple effect that resonates in the hearts and minds of our young learners. As we continue on our mission to popularize STEAM education and empower students with robotics, we envision a future where India thrives as a hub of innovation and scientific advancement. Together, we forge a path of knowledge, creativity, and exploration, shaping a generation of future leaders, scientists, engineers, and artists who will drive India toward greater heights of progress and prosperity.