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Science Workshops

The science workshops of Indo Science are a series of sessions for children to make working models of machines, some simple, some quite complex. Children not only enjoy the opportunity to play and compete with each other, but also learn many concepts of science. Most of these concepts are covered in their academic syllabus. Children get the opportunity to experience these concepts in a practical way for a clear understanding.

Robotics Workshops

There was a time when robots were only in science fiction stories. Then they became regular features of our factories. However, now robots are much more common and soon will be a part of our homes. Robotic floor cleaning machines are already quite popular.

Science Competitions

One of the first activities of Indo Science was to bring an international science competition to small towns and even rural Maharashtra. In the first year of the competition more than 45,000 students participated, competing with students of the top schools across the country and 14 other countries.

The “How and Why? Show”

The “How and Why?” Show addresses a large group at a time. Everybody enjoys magic shows. However, most are unaware of the science being used by the magicians! What if we could watch a magic-like show and also learn the science behind the amazing magic?

Teacher Training Programmes

Teaching is the noblest profession of all. However, it gets much less importance than it deserves. The better teachers we have, the better students will learn and also become better citizens. There is a lot to be done to develop the right teaching methods. This is being done is all countries and isn’t a specific need to India or rural India. The understanding about right methods of teaching is constantly being developed.

English Language Skills of Rural Students

The English Language programmes of Indo Science help children understand the basics of the language and develop the skills if they already know the basics. From time to time we also have competitions on English Language skills for rural and government school students.

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