To see the smiles on many children and the excitement of discovery on their faces, support Indo Science with your donations.
Note: Donations to Indo Science Education Trust are currently not tax exempted.

  • Bank Account
  • You can directly submit to our bank account:
  • Payee: Indo Science Education Trust
  • Bank: Bank of Maharashtra
  • Account number: 60236564371
  • Branch: Fursungi, Pune
  • IFSC Code:MAHB0000935

After sending your donation, please let us know about you and your donation by writing to

    To send a cheque to us, please note the following details:
  • Payee Name: Indo Science Education Trust
  • Cheque type: Crossed/Payees Account Only
  • Please send thye cheque to:
  • Indo Science Education Trust
  • 2282/5 Sonali Niwas, S.No.215,
  • Behind SP Infocity,
  • Fursungi,Pune,
  • 412308
  • India

Donations in Kind

You can also donate material that would be useful in our activities or for science education in any other way. Send your contributions to the above address or write to
You can donate the following:

  • Science and computer books for all ages
  • Science toys
  • Science models
  • Science lab equipment (non fragile or hazardous)
  • Robotics kits
  • Computers and accessories
  • Computer software
  • Projectors, speakers and other audio-visual aids
  • Other suitable electronic gadgets
  • Fabrication equipment and tools
  • Vehicles

Please contribute in whatever way you can, small or big.

All equipment and gadgets must be in working condition and suitable for use by students of preschools, schools, or colleges. Apart from movable material, we also need immovable property for setting up regional chapters, training centres, and research centres.

We are Working With Renowned Schools