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Welcome To Our IndoScience Education Trust

Indo Science has been set up with the aim of bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge in our education system. Also developing scientific, logical thinking and creative thinking skills in youth to cultivate them into tomorrow’s scientist.

We have lots of good schools in the countryside, suburbs, and slums that need help in raising the level of education by change in methodology and low-cost education tools. Also, despite a lot of major changes have been suggested by respected authorities, the implementation suggested by them or radical changes in methodology found by them to be essential are being processed very slowly. Much of this is due to inertia, and some because of less motivation for teachers to update their skills or methods.

Scientific thinking here is considered in a broader sense of academic knowledge, rational thinking and scientific approach in analyzing problems and finding solutions of the same.

Indo Science believes that developing scientific thinking can solve a number of problems faced by our society viz. employment issues to social issues. Children are present and future of our society and they are a curious by nature. Our program focuses mainly on children to support their scientific curiosity and in turn the program gets support from their curious minds.

We endeavor to work on these aspects of education, focusing on practical science and innovative thinking.

The youth of India will be the most innovative and inventive with sound practical knowledge of science, logical thinking and problem solving skills. This will make India a base for research and development (R & D) and will open doors for the world.

India will have lower school dropout, higher employment, higher literacy, higher foreign investments and lower brain drain leading to higher per capita income and better infrastructure.

To prepare the next generation of professionals for the skillset (scientific and soft) needed in the future, by providing them support and guidance in early learning years.

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